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JK Beauty is not only beauty services for customers. Apart from services for clients we also provide Professional Trainings and workshops for Beauty therapists and beauty and SPA Salons on Products from PANDHY'S.

PANDHY'S International School.

15 years in Europe! NOW - in Australia!

We introduce a new hair removal technique for face and body, presented by a famous European brand PANDHY'S, to the Australian beauty market. Here is sugar depilation (Sugaring).

The PANDHY'S sugar depilation system, or sugaring, is a complex and profound approach to hair removal. It includes skin purification and preparation before, during and after depilation, using the specially designed PANDHY'S products that work extremely well with the sugar paste. All products complement each other perfectly, which guarantees perfect preparation of hair and skin to the depilation process, as well as comfortable removal of all types of hair in the direction of its growth. They also allow for gentle treatment that will not only prevent irritation but also moisturise the skin tissue deeply. The PANDHY'S sugar depilation system will turn the depilation procedure into a genuinely exclusive service at your Salon.

One of the essential advantages of the PANDHY'S sugar paste is the absence of lemon, as lemon may cause irritation and allergies.

One of the peculiarities of sugar depilation/sugaring is that the sugar paste is applied against the direction of the hair growth, and the hair is removed in the direction of its growth.
Exclusive facial with sugar paste - it's atraumatic treatment with triple effect, deep cleansing, lifting and rejuvenating effect.
Other Body treatments for beauty and SPA salons - massages, body wraps, cellulite treatments.

If you a beauty therapist who wants to expand their treatments and products range - get more information about following trainings and workshops follow the link www.pandhys.com.au.
If you a customer who wants to get all these treatments in your favourite beauty or SPA salon please pass them our link. We are happy to share our knowledge with them.