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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us

You can contact us via filling up a form on our website or send us an email on jkbeautyservices@gmail.com , call or text on 0451385461. Text messages are more preferable than voicemails. Please allow us 48h to respond. If you didn't get any reply, please send us another message. Sometimes the emails can go directly to the spam folder.

How do I make a booking

Please give us as much information as you can to avoid long conversations. A question like "Can I get my nails done?" will inevitably lead to to multiple messages. When, where, what kind of manicure would you like, etc. Thus if you send all the questions in one message, it will save time and allow to make a booking substantially quicker.

For example:
Hi Jess,
My name is Jane Smith.I need to get my nails done in Armadale, preferably next Tuesday afternoon time. I need a full manicure with shellac, maybe even some nail art on a couple fingers. I have (don't have) shellac/nail polish now on my nails that must be removed. There is free/no free/inside/outside parking available. Thank you.

Please be advised that your surname and email are essential for booking.
We need all this information to understand how much time we will spend on this appointment.
Please be advised that it is essential to give us information regarding your health condition. For instance, we need to know if you are pregnant or have any special conditions or disability.
Please consider that you are not booked unless you get a confirmation email after using the online booking system. You will also get a reminder via email and text 24h prior to the appointment.
You also can book yourself using the following link: jkbeauty.gettimely.com
Please don't forget it will be only enquiry . You need the confirmation that your booking has been accepted.

Do I need to prepare anything for your visit?

We usually provide everything including towels and massage bed. If you book a treatment that requires a massage bed, we will need a room to set it up and as much light as possible. Sometimes, depending on the procedure, we need an outlet, extension cord, and access to water.
In winter time, especially for sugaring, massages and facials please try to keep the temperature above 18, as the sugar paste is very sensitive to cold, and it will take longer time to perform the treatment in cold room. It also will be less comfortable for your skin, as, when it is cold, your pores are tighter, and removing hair can be a bit more painful.

Can my kids and pets be with me?

Yes. We are kids- and pet-friendly. Please mention that your kids will be at home during the treatment, especially if you have to breastfeed, so we will extend the time of your treatment. Pets are also fine, even dogs if they are friendly. All cats will get a free pat if they want, and dogs will get a quick complimentary back and shoulder massage.

Do you do mobile treatments for males ?

Yes we do but our safety policy implies that we provide mobile services to men as a family pack only. Otherwise, we happy to see them in our salons.

Why do I have pay more or the same price as in a salon?

You are paying for your comfort and saved time, as well as outstanding quality of treatments. When you go to the salon, you spend your fuel or pay travel fees if you use public transport. Also, you can never be sure you'll get quality treatments if it's a very busy salon.
Our prices include our traveling time, car expenses, your saved time, and, of course, high quality service and full attention to you and impeccable meticulousness during treatment performed in the comfort of your own home.

Can I change my mind, for instance, get my nails done instead of waxing, or reduce the amount of treatments during the appointment?

We do NOT recommend that for the following reasons:
- We have other appointments, thus, so our schedule shouldn't be broken down if possible. We don't want to be late for our next appointment.
- We build up our route for the day counting the minimum cost of travel and services per day. Thus, if you live far away and especially have your appointment in the afternoon thus being in the middle of our way, it becomes highly inconvenient. We rely on your understanding.
- Just imagine the following situation: you make an appointment with your doctor or hairdresser, or even go shopping, and you hear, "Actually, let's check your eyes instead of your throat?" Or, "Let's do just blow-dry instead of doing the highlights!" Or, "Why don't you get orange juice instead of milk today?" How would you feel? This is definitely not what you want when you plan your day.
- The final reason is that we may even not have some tools or products for you especially if treatments do not relate to each other. We prepare the materials and tools for the treatments booked for that day only.
Thus, we would really appreciate if you could stick to your decisions, or, if you happen to change your mind, please be mindful and give us a reasonable 48h notice.
Of course, we are very flexible and happy to help you with all your wishes, and we will try to do everything for you. However, it's very stressful when clients change their minds so easily and not think how it may affect us and even themselves.

How can I pay ?

We accept all types of Payment: Cash, Credit cards, Online banking transfer, Paypal.
Please let us know if you want to pay by card so we will take payment machine with us.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life is unpredictable and personal circumstances can change at short notice. We prefer not to charge a cancellation fee if there is no impact on the time/scheduling of the therapist.
However, we are professional therapists and this is how we earn our living. We reserve the right to charge up to 100% of the fee based on the amount of cancellation notice given and the impact on the therapist(s) involved (for example, travel time/ travel costs/other bookings that have been knocked back).